Coal-Conut – Activated Coconut Shell Charcoal Ultra Fine Husk Food Grade Powder, 8 oz

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  • 100% Natural Food Grade Coconut Shell Activated Charcoal
  • High adsorption capacity and efficiency
  • Cost effective and economical to use
  • Highly developed pore structure and no additives

Product Description

Coal-Conut(tm) is the finest 100% Natural Food Grade Coconut Shell Activated Charcoal available anywhere. This Ultra-Fine powder offers a much finer feel, virtually eliminating the gritty texture experienced with all other types of charcoals, velvety smooth when mixed with water. Its texture is like fine, soft talcum powder. Activated charcoal works through the principle mechanism of Adsorption* (not to be confused with absorption). It acts by electrostatically binding molecules to the surfaces of the charcoal particle. The positive effects of charcoal as a remedy are well documented and Charcoal has no known poisonous side effects. Charcoal has been found more than capable of disarming the lethal properties of thousands of man-made pollutants. Charcoal is just as modern today, as it was four thousand years ago, just as universal, just as versatile, and just as powerful. Experiment with and appreciate it's many uses and benefits!

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