Nasal Strips Medium x60 | Sleepeze Remedies Nose Strips to Stop Snoring and Help You Breathe Through Your Nose | Nasal Strip Snoring Aids Also Help Nasal Congestion

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  • ★ WANT TO STOP SNORING? - Would you love to give your partner a good night's silent sleep? Improve your relationship through quieter sleep? Help you breathe right through the night? Our 60 Pack of Nasal Strips offer the perfect solution
  • ★ 50% MORE STICKING POWER - We have developed the perfect level of adhesion that will ensure your nasal strip will stay in place all night
  • ★ 60 STRIPS AND 2 MONTHS SUPPLY OF SNORING RELIEF - Premium quality snore strips and best value on the market. We will not be beaten
  • ★ 12 MONTH MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - Our strips will help you breath right and help you stop snoring! In addition to Amazon's 30-day refund policy, we back our products with a 365 day money back guarantee.
  • ★ FDA REGISTERED - Customer safety is very important to us and to you. Our Nasal Strips have been registered with the FDA - not all Nasal Strips on the market have this approval!

Product Description


Sleepeze Remedies® Nasal Strips are designed to gently open up your nasal passageways to allow maximum airflow.


Totally free from drugs, flexible and durable, yet light enough not to be noticed when placed on the nose.

Each medium nasal strip is 55mm long and designed to fit medium and small size noses and are tan in colour. For fitting instructions please refer to the box diagram. Fitting to the correct part of the nose is essential in maximising the effect of Sleepeze Remedies® nasal strips.

Types of snoring

NASAL BLOCKAGE Partially blocked nasal passageways which forces more air through the mouth. This forced air actually causes the airway to collapse as it cannot handle the pressure.

DEVIATED SEPTUM & NASAL POLYPS - Abnormalities of the nose can create a nasal blockage such as a deviated septum which is a crooked nose. A Nasal Polyp is a growth inside the nose.

OBSTRUCTIVE SLEEP APNEA is caused by the walls of the throat whilst sleeping, relax and narrow therefore interrupting normal breathing. Sleep apnea occurs when the airflow is blocked for 10 seconds or more.

For all these types of snoring applying a nasal strip will allow the nasal passageways to dilate, allowing as much as 38% more airflow. In many cases this will in turn create a snoring solution.

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE -Unlike other brands we realise that there isn't a one fix solution for everyone. Either these anti snoring devices work for you or your money back.

GENUINE PRODUCT REVIEWS - We don't manipulate our reviews in any way. What you see is natural collection of genuine customers who have bought our product and left a genuine review. We are delighted to have helped so many people and their partners with their breathing, sleeping and improving their quality of life.

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